Getting Github Pages To Work With A Dreamhost Domain

melissa mcewen
2 min readDec 11, 2017

So there are a couple of articles on this but I found them all only mildly helpful. The result is my site went down for an hour while I was like OMG 😱. So I’m writing this so you don’t have to have this same experience.

Here was my situation:

The documentation on this on Github is a certified documentation horror story and incomprehensible to normal or even experienced people. Basically you only need 4 things:

Set your dreamhost domain to DNS only — this allows you to create the DNS Cname for WWW, otherwise you can’t do this.

Create a Cname record for www and add A records for the github pages domains. Your records should look like this:

Set your Github pages to the custom domain of NOT This will create a CNAME file. Um don’t let your deployment process delete this!

OK here is the final step no one seems to have documented anywhere. should now work, what about It’s just easiest to redirect it at this point. Go to Dreamhost and click “Manage Domains” then “Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub Domain” (I know…this makes no sense). Scroll down and you’ll see “Redirect.” This is what you need:

Woo hoo! It should work now!